Thursday, February 10, 2011

How To Be A Perfect Couple & In Love 4eVer

To all couples who always fight and have some misunderstandings.Hope this helps you.

1. Be yourself and accept what your partner is
A good relationship starts with acceptance. Don’t force your partner to be someone else because he/she won’t do it perfectly well and will cause problems.
2. Be giving.
What’s yours also belongs to your partner and what belongs to your partner is also yours.

3. Don’t stop him/her from doing what makes him/her happy. 
If your partner is happy hanging out with a the guys, let him. But he have to make sure that he’s going somewhere safe, be home in time and don’t gamble which includes smoking, drinking etc. And if your partner is happy at the salon,let her.But make sure she’s with someone who can protect her.
4. I love what you love.
In some case, some couples hate each other’s friends or relatives. But you have to deal with it! It’s like a package that when you get your couple from a store, the others are dragged.
5. Yin and Yang.
Through all differences,you can make beautiful things.Like how the sun and moon alternates,they make a good day.Like the leaves on the trunk of tree gives you a yummy fruit. Like cement mixed with water to build a strong building.Differences can make good things.

6. Don’t over do jealousy.
Jealousy is a normal things. But don’t over do it cause in some cases,it affects trust. And especially the relationship.

7. You make my day. 
Your partner makes your day and should be the one to finish it. Don’t ever sleep when you still have problems cause it makes it even worse.

8. Take it easy. 
You’ve got a partner to make you happy. And you’re a partner to make him/her happy.

9. Don’t hold tightly.
A good partner should always think of the partner’s feelings.If you take away your partner from his/her old hobbies,friends and relatives, it’s totally wrong.

10. Always be sweet to each other. 
Kiss, say I love you, hug or hold hands often so that the feeling of love will still remain.

11. Compromise. 
It sounds better and more relaxing hearing your partner explain than nag.

Cheating ruins everything.

13. Keep all your promises.
 It’s called a promise to reassure that he/she will do it.

14. Keep in contact as much as you can. 
So that you wont get the feeling that he/she is not there for you